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Choline glycerophosphate   
GPC, alpha-GPC
Cas No.: 28319-77-9
Choline glycerophosphas [Latin]

Who Should Use Alpha GPC (cas no.: 28319-77-9)Supplements
Form:Wuhu Foman Biopharma Co.,Ltd.     Date:2014-06-16

Who Should Use Alpha GPC (cas no.: 28319-77-9)Supplements
Considering the fact that the level of growth hormone slowly decline as people age, individuals who are in their 30′s will experience the finest results from taking these supplements. An additional surge in growth hormone can immensely restore one’s youthful appearance and strength. Moreover, those who suffer from poor diet tend to miss out on essential nutrients that can affect their health. Thus, these people may take Alpha-GPC to enhance their cognitive functions and energy levels.

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